Monday, April 18, 2005

"Femme de Gilles" awarded at Istanbul International Film Festival

Belgium's slow-burning love triangle "La femme de Gilles/Gilles' Wife" picked up a very appropriate prize at the Istanbul International Film Festival recently. It had to share the top Golden Tulip award with Taiwan's "Cafe Lumière". As it's the story of a woman that has to share her husband with her sister, there must be some sort of poetic justice in that!

"La femme de Gilles" is directed by Frederic Fonteyne, with a script by Philippe Blasband on a story by Madeleine Bourdhouxe. Blasband has previously written "Thomas est amoureux" and "Le tango des Rashevski".

La femme de Gilles/Gilles' Wife - the official site

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Boyd said...

This film is an absolute must see! It was one of the films on my 'most daring films of 2004' list. Go and see this (or rent it) if you have not already!