Friday, May 13, 2005

Cannes 2005: Look out for 101 Scriptwriters

For the first time this year, scriptwriters will be massively present at Cannes through a series of initiatives. Not the least of these (but the closest to home for Screenplay Europe) is the new revue "101 Scénaristes/101 Scriptwriters" - over 100 pages of pitches in English and French from writers in 10 countries. The brainchild of French writer Jacques Gumbau, it will be available in the major hotels, beach venues and the numerous writer events that are taking place this year.

Find out more in Cineuropa.

Writer events this year include The Big Pitch from the London Script Consultancy, conferences from Script Factory, the Equinoxe workshop, the second script market from The European Producers' Club, Speed Dating from Adami and more.

This year's Cannes is being called the "year of the auteur". Just in case you are missing the obvious, that means the year of the writer!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be flip, but 'auteur' does not mean "writer" - it means quite the opposite: a director with a distinct style that eclipses the work of the screenwriter.

Micheal said...

Of course, but the irony is that "auteur" is the French for... writer. Personally, I think the term is a bit of a joke. Many great auteurs work with scriptwriters or - like Coppola - are actually writers themselves. It only very vaguely describes a sort of film, rather than the person doing it. I have even had a director tell me once to "add something really visual here".