Thursday, June 30, 2005

"Hotel Rwanda" wins script award

Terry George and Keir Pearson won $25,000 for their script for the remarkable "Hotel Rwanda" last Wednesday. The Humanitas Prize goes to film and TV shows that "entertain, engage and enrich the viewing public". "Hotel Rwanda" was singled out as it was based on the true-life story of a hotel manager's attempts to save victims of Rwanda's 1994 genocide. Quoted by Associated Press, Pearson said, "Everyone knew what was happening at the time, but all the great leaders of the world did nothing. This film was about an ordinary man, a hotel manger, that did something and did something great." Terry George is also known for his work on the Northern Ireland massacre "Sunday Bloody Sunday".

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Fred Tavares said...

This is so ridiculous, its without a doubt the worst film of 2004 I've seen, and the script is not much better. 25 thousand dollars??? The world has gone insane, i believe it now.

Michael Leahy said...

Thanks for the message. "The world has gone insane, i believe it now." I'm sure the Rwandan survivors would agree with you, but not for the same reason! ;-)

Incidentally, what would be your candidate for a script prize in 2004?