Thursday, June 23, 2005

Italian screenwriters' site revamped, Italy's foremost website for scriptwriters, has been revamped in a clean, new PHP style. The site has been the best source of Italian screenwriting news for some time, with a lively message board (including a section in English), a section on writing contests, writing articles, some feature and short scripts and links. It's always interesting, of course, to get writers' opinions on Italian cinema - and the news isn't always that good. Italian cinema has been going through a very rough time recently. Concerning scriptwriting, it might come as no surprise that one of the main complaints is a lack of awareness about the craft - that and the lack of development. Sound familiar? Drop by here:

In further Italian-related news, the Capalbio International Short Film festival will be kicking off July 6-10 in Rome. The festival this year will feature the Premio Mini Award, a section for video clips and a new award for animated shorts. Details will be announced on June 30 when you can find them on the Capalbio website.

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