Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Jewish comedy from Germany picks up script award

In a blitz that echoes that of Fatih Akin's "Head On" last year, Dani Levy's decidedly non-PC Jewish comedy "Go For Zucker! (Alles Auf Zucker)" picked up an armful of awards at this year's German Film Awards in Berlin's Philharmonie, held on July 8. The six Golden Lolas were for Best Film, Best Direction, Best Lead Actor (Henry Huebchen), Best Costume Design (Lucie Bates), Best Score (Niki Reiser) and last but not least Best Screenplay (Holger Franke and Dani Levy).

The film was produced by the "creative pool" X-filme, best known as the creators of "Goodbye Lenin" and "Run, Lola Run". Other winners on the night include "The Edukators" and "Sophie Scholl - The Final Days".

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