Monday, September 12, 2005

Dinard unveils 16th Britfilm festival

France's Dinard Festival of British Film will be running its 16th edition between Oct 6-9 next. Based on the Brittany coast near Rennes, the festival has announced 6 titles to run in the competition: Brian Cook’s "Colour Me Kubrick", Jan Dunn’s "Gypo"; "Opal Dreams" from Peter "Full Monty" Cattaneo; Stephen Woolley’s "Stoned" about Stones guitarist Brian Jones, Annie Griffin’s "Festival" and Brad McGann’s "In My Father’s Den".

"British cinema questions reality," according to festival director Hussam Hindi. "Be it through comedies, dramatic features or thrillers, the documentary (and documented) aspect is never left out. Behind Billy Elliott’s tears, the 'struggle' of The Full Monty’s four jobless characters, the loneliness of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, lies the difficulty of being happy. But British cinema has a way of showing life in a simpler, jollier light."

The jury will be led by French director Regis Wargnier, with trubutes to (and appearances from) Nicholas Roeg and Irishman Neil Jordan. Look out also for copies of the "101 Scénaristes en herbe/101 New Screenwriters" revue.

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