Thursday, October 12, 2006

Writers' site covers Italian screenwriting

I must admit that I don't follow the writing scene in Italy that much any more, mea culpa. Yet Italy still has a strong tradition of screenwriting, where the writer is recognised as playing an entirely dfferent role to the director (unlike France and Belgium). So directors often actively seek out writers with which to work.

To keep in touch, I recommend spending some time on the Italian screenwriters' site It acts as a good source of information concerning writers' groups, workshops, articles, competitions and relevant screenwriting news in Italian. It also features a catalogue of available scripts and a busy messageboard (with a section in English just dying for some input).


LG said...

hi, link is broken.
correct URI is

hope you'll delete my useless comment as soon as you red it. thanks.

Francis said...

I have a finish script that is set for an Italian audience. But the script is in English. I need an Italian or European script contest where they accept foreign language. do you know any site?

Michael Leahy said...

Francis, I just read about one that will run during the Cannes festival. The idea is to find good scripts that can be worked on and presented during the festival. See

Does anyone know of other European contests? I must admit, it's not something I follow.

Michael Leahy said...

AS an after-thought: do you know these events? Endas accepts English scripts, although I have no idea who they are.