Sunday, June 26, 2005

Klapisch's "Poupées russes/Russian Dolls" overtakes Batman in France

The much-awaited follow-up to Cedric Klapisch's "Auberge espagnole", "Poupées russes/Russian Dolls" has opened in France to considerable success. According to a report on Cineuropa, it overtook "Batman Begins" in its first week boasting an average 1,204 tickets per print, compared to 588 for "Batman Begins".

The more-or-less sequel to "Auberge espagnole" continues the story of Xavier as he struggles with his attempts to write - and stay with one girl. It was released on June 15 in France and Switzerland, June 22 in Belgium, with Germany following on November 3. It stars Audrey Taoutou, Cécile de France and, needless to say, Romain Duris.

Cedric Klapisch on Amazon US
Cedric Klapisch on Amazon UK
Cedric Klapisch sur Amazon FR (a far longer list!)


Suzie said...

Hi. Do you know anything about when Les Poupees Russes will arrive in the UK?

Michael Leahy said...

Alas and alack, I can't find any information. You could always drop a line to Cinefrance in Edinburgh, as they released "Auberge espagnol/Pot Luck". But neither Marsdistribution nor StudioCanal in France mention a UK release date. I even checked the Klapisch messageboard.

Sorry! I've never understood why distributors drag their feet so much on these things. "Auberge espagnol" was a major hit across Europe. "Poupées Russes" was watched by well over 2 millin people in France alone and topped the charts also in Belgium. You would think that someone would realise this was going to be the case and release it in the UK. But it's almost as if they are waiting till the kettle goes off the boil.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by.