Friday, June 17, 2005

London group to discuss script development

In the aftermath of all the changes to the tax regimes, and the high price of sterling, British film makers have to look to areas of the creative process to develop films that will compete globally, which means writers have to think carefully about what scripts and stories to develop. So the Lunch Club has brought together a panel with top development people - two from the UK Film Council, Lucy Scher from the Script Factory and Julian Friedmann from ScriptWriter Magazine and Blake Friedmann Literary Agency, together with top producer Michael Kuhn of Qwerty and Frank Graves, a writer, to discuss how we can improve on the development of British scripts and films. After the Q&A there will be a fantastic hot 2 course buffet dinner with half a bottle of wine each, where participants will have a chance to meet the speakers.

June 29th 7pm to 10pm Central London £5 Lunch Club Members. £15 if you are a member of the One-List. £17.50 others. Call Gareth Owen, The Lunch Club 01753 650733

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