Wednesday, October 20, 2004

CinEuropa: Great when it's running

One of the biggest hurdles to making a script sales is finding out who is who. This is particularly true in Europe, which does not have a centralised movie industry. If you're checking likely candidates for a pitch and they happen to be in Germany or Italy, how do you find them? For once, Google is only of limited help as many producers are still not very web-friendly. CinEuropa was started a few years ago as a European film database. Although it is not currently being updated, it is still a pretty good resource for finding addresses and telephone numbers. Unfortunately, it seems to be running on shaky servers as it has been down a few times in the past two weeks. But I do recommend trying it out.

To find addresses, click on "Industry".

Incidentally, CinEuropa also has a forum which could be really interesting given the range of people that visit it. But again, it's kinda quiet.

Anyway, give it a shot: CinEuropa.

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