Sunday, November 07, 2004

Germany's "7 Dwarves" tops European chart

For the first time since it started an exclusive international box office chart in April this year, Screen International magazine saw the n°1 spot go to a film that was not US-produced: the loony German comedy "7 Zwerge/7 Dwarves". Significantly, the n° 2 position is also going to a non-English-speaking film: Jeunet's "Un long dimanche de fian├žaille/A Very Long Engagement". "7 Zwerge" is not yet listed in our chart on the right as it is showing in 3 countries currently (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) on a total of 911 screens. Writing credits go to Bernd Eilert, Otto Waalkes and director Sven Unterwaldt, Jr. Another German film, "The Downfall" is currently n° 20. The success of "Goodbye Lenin" plus the more recent "Gegen die Wand" and "Edukator" give an idea of the growing popularity and wide range of German cinema.


Doug - The JeepCruzer said...

Thank for sharing your thoughts on "Lost In Translation." You seem to have a background in movies that gives your reivew more credibility than mine. But I'm just out to have fun (as my grammar and spelling will attest to.) You've got me interested in this 7 Zwerge film too, I'm intrigued. I used to enjoy watching some selections of european cinema that made it to one of the "art house" theaters near the campus of The University of Utah. I especially enjoyed Japaneese films I saw there. Anyway, thanks again for visiting the movie reviews. Oh, and I enjoyed your use of this "pyra" blog template.

A-Lyric said...


Concerning "Lost in Translation", you might also want to check "Jet Lag" starring the lovely Juliette Binoche in an unusual role opposite Jean Reno.