Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Scenario mag offers extracts from recent films in French, one of several French sites devoted to scriptwriting, recently decided to throw even more focus on actual scripts. The site currently features 12 pages from "Narco", the tale of a narcoleptic starring Benoit Poelvoorde in an unlikely pairing with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Gilles Lellouche wrote the screenplay from the original story by Alain Attal and Philippe Lefebvre.

Although they are widely available in English, it is hard to find screenplays in French. So Scenario-mag's initiative is invaluable for writers and movie buffs. Other extracts available on the site include "Swimming Pool" and "Un long dimanche de fiançailles/A Very Long Engagement".

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A-Lyric said...

I'm actually not sure. It might be a question of the scale of the market or something. But I've heard from several screenwriters that finding French scripts is difficult. It seems strange to English-speakers, when you can pick up almost any script of the past 50 years as a PDF or Word document quite easily on the web. I've been asked several times for Almodovar scripts in French, for example.

Scenario Mag is doubly interesting as their selection consists of movies that have just been released.

Anonymous said...

As a screenplay writer and connaisseur of French culture, the thing is that in America selling of scripts (as in is a profitable business. However, since the French have a "love/hate" relationship with the US, they are therefore more reluctant to publish their screenplays. There is a great website in France where one can even buy a visual and critical study that includes the script of films like "Un coeur en hiver", but the PRICE for shipping and handling DOUBLES the cover price. And I was ordering from France to her neigbor Spain!!! Imagine if it would have been sent to the USA!!!!!!!!!
VoilĂ ,

Anonymous said...

Where can I purchase the screenplays in French for Les Choristes and Au Revoir les Enfants?

A-Lyric said...

Anon: here's "Au revoir les enfants":

Can't find "Les choristes".

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the screenplay to Ratatouille in French? merci!