Saturday, February 05, 2005

People make the web what it is

It looks like I might be repeating this a few time more: people are what make the web what it is. And in the search for "cool" sites, you often find yourself dealing with "cool" people. In my experience, the scriptwriting community is quite small, but highly cooperative. Writers seem to still have the ability to share tips, hints and links, etc. Amongst the sites we have been visiting recently following links and tips are:

Complications Ensue (as a title, it is itself a pretty good summary of what scriptwriting is about) from American writer Alex Epstein. This is a blog, and for the moment Alex is dissecting shows he sees in the US. Follow the link to other posts on other issues. is pretty self-explanatory. It's a newish site that reviews recent European movies. As the scene is pretty busy right now, you're bound to find something to agree or disagree with! Inevitably, as not all films are released across all Europe at the same time (or sometimes even at all), there are lots of films we haven't seen either! That's the way the cookie crumbles. (sent to us by gets a special thumbs-up, as like Screenplay Europe, it is very focussed on one subject: Nordic screenplays. You can download copies in various languages. We have been reading the English translation of the highly-rated "I am Dina" by Jonas Cornell and Ole Bornedal.

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