Tuesday, September 13, 2005

20th festival of French-speaking film supports co-prods

The 20th Festival International du Film Francophone will kick off in Namur (Belgium) on September 23 under the aptronage of Gerard Corbiau. As well as showcasing new films from a number of countries, the festival is also continuing its role in promoting cross-fertilisation between different parties. The second Francophone Production Forum will try and nurse a number of projects towards production under the wing of experienced producers, scriptwriters and directors. A day called "Ecrire l'image" will see 20 scriptwriters debating "Frontières" with its creators Mostéfa Djadjam and Agnès de Sacy. Another special event will focus on cultural diversity. The work of the Dardenne brothers and Sandrine Bonnaire (including "Est ouest") will be featured, with a premiere of the much-awaited local movie "Bunker Paradise" wrapping the festival.

For details: visit www.fiff.be

Gerard Corbiau on Amazon FR
Sandrine Bonnaire on Amazon FR
The Dardenne bros on Amazon FR
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Gerard Corbiau on Amazon UK
The Dardenne bros. on Amazon UK

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