Sunday, January 01, 2006

Writing for radio: Bert Coules

When I think screenplay, I inevitably think of the big screen. But there is a fine tradition of creating drama for radio - a tradition that is very much alive in the UK. In fact, radio offers probably one of the best doors into story-telling in the UK.

Bert Coules has written a wide range of drama over the years, including high-profile dramatisations of Sherlock Holmes, Thriller Playhouse and the mediaevel sleuth Brother Cadfael. Many of these are available as audio books.

Is radio a poor man's television or a challenge in its own right? The answer is obviously the latter. As an occasional listener to the BBC's Radio 4 and World Service (on long car drives), I've often caught myself listening to dramatisations and radio soaps (is the Archer's still running?). But if you have any doubts, follow the links to find out more about writing for radio.

Check this interview on US sci-fi site The Thunder Child. The BBC conducted its own interview concerning Coules and Sherlock Holmes. Lastly, Bert's own site can be found here.

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Barbara Peterson said...


In January you wre kind enough to mention The Thunder Child interview with Bert Coules.

The webzine has changed URLs, so your link is now out of date. Below is the correct URL should you care to go back and correct it.