Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Writer/director Philippe Blasband premieres "The Colour of Words"

Philippe Blasband, probably one of Belgium's foremost scriptwriters with films such as "Le tango des rashevskis", "Une liaison pornographique" and the more recent "Femme de Gilles", has just opened with "La couleur de mots/The Colour of Words" in Belgium. As he has pointed out in interviews, there is a certain irony in the tale. It follows Marie, a child suffering from dysphasia, a condition that renders the understanding of language very difficult. It is based on Blasband's own experience, as his eldest son suffers from the same condition. The irony is that he was born to a father that lives from language and communication. As he says on his site, "This is not a film about dysphasia. It’s a film about someone with various characteristics, including dysphasia. [It is neither] a documentary nor a demonstration. It is fiction. It is based on our observations of dysphasic children, especially our son Théo, but it is also a subjective creation."

"The Colour of Words" was made with an ultra-low budget. "It's not that I'm particularly enamoured with poverty in movie-making. But when you try and finance a film, you get lots of comments concerning the project. In this particular case, I wouldn't have been able to bear them. We could work so cheaply as I know most of the crew, and many of the actors know my son and felt involved."

"The Colour of Words" won 2 prizes at the 25th Amiens International Film Festival (France): Best actress award for Aylin Yay & the Signis Prize awarded by an ecumenical jury for "the artistic qualities of the film, and the human, social and spiritual values that it expresses". Blasband is currently working on another project as a director.

For an interview in English, French, Spanish and Italian, visit Cineuropa. Visit the official Couleur des mots site.

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