Thursday, September 25, 2014

German World Premieres at 30th Warsaw fest

14 German films and co-productions will be shown at the 'A' festival in Warsaw this year. AGNIESZKA by Tomasz E. Rudzik (Kordes & Kordes Film Süd, Arri Film & TV - photo) will have its world premiere in the 1-2 Competition for first and second films, and the same goes for WHEN UNDER FIRE - SHOOT BACK! by Marc Wiese (Engstfeld Filmproduktion) in the Documentary Competition. KAFKA'S THE BURROW by Jochen Alexander Freydank (Mephisto Film) will have its European premiere in the Free Spirits Competition for "innovative and rebellious films".

WELCOME TO THE CLUB by Andreas Schimmelbusch (Schimmelbusch GmbH) will have its international premiere in the 1-2 Competition. In addition, German Films' programme of shorts, NEXT GENERATION SHORT TIGER 2014, will be shown at the festival. German Films will organise a lunch for Polish distributors during the festival to introduce them to the German films showing at the festival.

AGNIESZKA is the second feature film by Tomasz E. Rudzik, whose debut DESPERADOS ON THE BLOCK had its world premiere at the important festival in San Sebastian. In AGNIESZKA, the title character leaves her home in Poland one night without a cent in her pocket, running away from her own past to begin a new life working as a dominatrix in Germany. Events escalate when she falls in love.

Kafka's - The Burrow
KAFKA'S THE BURROW (photo) is based on Franz Kafka's unfinished short story which had never been adapted for the cinema before. With Axel Prahl in the lead, the film is about isolation, disassociation, fear and loneliness in our time. Director Jochen Alexander Freydank was awarded the Oscar® in 2009 for his short TOYLAND.

The documentary WHEN UNDER FIRE SHOOT BACK by Marc Wiese is about the legendary Bang Bang Club. They were four fearless photographers whose goal was to reveal the reality of apartheid in South Africa – a struggle which changed the nation, but almost destroyed them.

All of the German films and co-productions in Warsaw in 2014:

Opening Film
MAPS TO THE STARS by David Cronenberg (CA/FR/DE, Integral Film)

International Competition
THE JUDGEMENT by Stephan Komandarev (BG/DE/HR/MK, Neue Mediopolis)

Competition 1-2
AGNIESZKA by Tomasz E. Rudzik (Kordes & Kordes Film Süd, Arri Film & TV)
MODRIS by Juris Kursietis (LV/GR/DE, Sutor Kolonko)
WELCOME TO THE CLUB (WILLKOMMEN IM KLUB) by Andreas Schimmelbusch (Schimmelbusch GmbH)

Documentary Competition
WHEN UNDER FIRE - SHOOT BACK!,by Marc Wiese (Engstfeld Filmproduktion)

Free Spirit Competition
KAFKA’S THE BURROW by Jochen Alexander Freydank (Mephisto Film)

Shorts Competition

Special Screenings
THE PRESIDENT by Mohsen Makhmalbaf (GB/DE/GE/FR, Brümmer&Herzog Filmproduktion)

AMMA & APPA by Franziska Schönenberger & Jayakrishnan Subramanian (HFF München)
BELTRACCHI – THE ART OF FORGERY by Arne Birkenstock (Fruitmarket Kultur und Medien, Tradewind Pictures, Senator Entertainment, Telepool)
FOR THOSE WHO CAN TELL NO TALES by Jasmila Žbanić (BA/DE, The Post Republic)
REMOTE CONTROL by Byamba Sakhya (MN/DE,

Family Cinema Weekend
FRED & ANABEL by Ralf Kukula (Balanca Film)

Next Generation Short Tiger 2014

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