Thursday, October 21, 2004

Irish screenwriters nominated at home

It's been a very good year for Irish cinema. From "Cowboys & Angels" to "Adam and Paul", "Man About Dog" (number one at the Irish box-office when it opened!) to "Freeze Frame" and "Inside I’m Dancing", there is "a noticeable bounce in the step of an industry on a roll" acording to the Irish Film Board's website.

To add a little glamour, Bord Scannán na hÉireann / the Irish Film board and the Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission have just announced the Best New Talent award at The Irish Film and Television Awards 2004.

The nominees include:

* John Simpson, (writer/director) "Freeze Frame"
* Pearse Elliot, (writer) "Man About Dog"

This sponsorship reflects both bodies' commitment to new Irish talent, in a year that has seen the release of an unprecedented number of films from young Irish creative teams.

Richard Williams, CEO of the Northern Ireland Film and Television Commission gave a nice quote: “All our futures in this industry depend on emerging talent so it is very pleasing to see that talent is really beginning to blossom in Northern Ireland."

Check the Irish Film Board here.


Jaxon S said...

This blog will interests me tremendeously...stuff about writing and all. will check it often.

A-Lyric said...

Thanks. I'm trying to provide some practical links, rather than philosophical guidelines.