Sunday, January 16, 2005

French and Italian scriptwriters on the web

The web is a vast resource, but the biggest resource is probably the people you can find while you're out there. The writers on Version-Finale (picture) and Sceneggiatori discuss all things scripty in French and Italian respectively. Both are good resources. What you get are tips, advice, links, competition and festival news and the inevitable forum - the place to pick up the latest gossip and sometimes fiery discussion. As with other discussion groups and forums, the more you contribute the more you are likely to get an interesting reply when you post a question or request. Sceneggiatori (literally "scriptwriters" in Italian) also has a newsgroup at "". Check it out.

Remember that the Vache Violette project for presenting pitches at Cannes is being run by writers from Version-Finale. For details, check this previous post.

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