Wednesday, March 09, 2005

"Up and Down" wins Czech movie award

Czech Republic's foreign-language nominee "Horem Padem/Up and Down" won three awards at the Czech annual Lions awards on March 5, nothing less than the best film, best director and best screenplay. The film follows the paths of two men, a football hooligan and a professor, as they try to come to terms with massive changes in their lives. All this against the background of the upheavals in Czech society. The director, Jan Hrebejk, co-wrote the film with Petr Jarchovsky. The pair worked together already on 2003's "Pupendo".

"Up and Down" was released in the US on February 27 and has been a regular at festivals. Vist the official site here. For the US trailer, visit Movie List.

UPDATE: "Up and Down" producers Total HelpArt inform us that the film actually picked four awards at the ceremony. Emilia Vásáryová was also recognised for her leading role. "Up and Down" is currently showing in the US. It will also doubtless be one of the hot tickets this year's Cannes Festival.

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