Thursday, March 17, 2005

Réservoir Scripts: Last call for Cannes

To break through some of the barriers between writers, producers and directors, a bunch of scriptwriters from six countries have come together to present 100 projects as a magazine called "Réservoir Scripts" at Cannes.

The projects consist of: a short pitch, a synopsis and an extract. All this on two A4 pages (font Courier New 12). There is still some room for anyone that can get us material by the end of this week (March 18).

This a non-commercial venture, in that the writers have nothing to pay. Submissions by invitation only to the e-mail address below. The site is currently in French, but we can guide you through the process of posting and participating.

Reservoir Scripts features writers from France (largely), Belgium, English and French-speaking Canada, the US and Ireland.

Email: writestuff(AT) French-speakers can request invitations directly from the site.

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