Monday, April 04, 2005

"Downfall" and "Heimat 3" spearhead 4th German festival in Australia

Now in its fourth year, the Festival of German Films will run from April 14-24, in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and will also be presenting a smaller selection in Canberra from April 28 - May 1.

The Festival opens with Dani Levy's comedy GO FOR ZUCKER! - AN UNORTHODOX COMEDY (ALLES AUF ZUCKER!) with the director in attendance. The other films are: AGNES AND HIS BROTHERS (AGNES UND SEINE BRUEDER) by Oskar Roehler, THE OTHER WOMAN (DIE ANDERE FRAU) by Margarethe von Trotta, the documentary I LOVE YOU ALL (AUS LIEBE ZUM VOLK) by Eyal Sivan/Audrey Maurion, AM I SEXY? (BIN ICH SEXY?) by Kathinka Feistl, THE BLIND FLYERS (BLINDGAENGER) by Bernd Sahling, (C)R00K by Pepe Danquart, NAPOLA by Dennis Gansel, SOUNDLESS (LAUTLOS) by Mennan Yapo, SNOWLAND (SCHNEELAND) by H.W. Geissendoerfer as well as WILLENBROCK by Andreas Dresen. Lead actor Henry Arnold will introduce HEIMAT 3 by Edgar Reitz in person. The music documentary MUSICA CUBANA by German Král will screen as a Special in two clubs. The Festival will stage a Special Screening of "Wings of Desire" by Wim Wenders, which was last shown in Australia ten years ago.

The Oscar-nominated film DOWNFALL (DER UNTERGANG) by Oliver Hirschbiegel will be shown as an "avant-premiere" to tie-in with the theatrical opening in Australia on April 1. Leading Australian critics and film historians will discuss developments in German film history in a panel discussion. For details, visit the website.

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