Thursday, April 21, 2005

Screenplay Market at Cannes 2005

Second European Screenplay Market
In Cannes, Saturday, May 14, 2005

After the first successful Screenplay Market in Strasbourg during the RISE (Rencontres Internationales des Scénaristes Européens), where screenwriters such as Laëtitia Masson, Katharina Held and production houses such as Pandora Films, Arcappix, Senator were present, The European Producers Club in partnership with The European Screenwriters’ Federation will be hosting the second EUROPEAN SCREENPLAY MARKET taking place on the 14th of May 2005, 12:30am-6pm during the Cannes Film Festival.

15 qualifying screenwriters will have the unprecedented opportunity to present their script during INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS with TOP PRODUCERS from all over Europe.

Qualifications :

You are the scriptwriter of at least one film project that has been produced and distributed. You have a screenplay project on hold that has a strong appeal and is suitable for a European co-production.

To apply for participation we need in English obligatory and mother language if wished :

Fill out the application form + Your photo as a JPeg
A treatment (max: 10 pages)
A note of intention (one page)
Your CV (one page)

Deadline for entries : 25 April 2005
Send via e-mail only :

The only thing more important in this business than money is great material. This could be the opportunity of a lifetime to present your work to the people with power to produce. Events such as this have launched the successful carreers of writers outside of Europe. The European Producers Club along with the Screenwriter’s Federation have the expertise to make it happen here. Don’t miss this chance.
For more information : Eglantine Pottiez de Césari

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