Monday, August 22, 2005

Luc Besson: "secret" movie to follow "Unleashed"

Just as "Unleashed" (aka "Danny the Dog" in many territories) is being relased in the UK to mixed reviews, it has been rumoured that Luc Besson has been filming a "secret" film called "Angel A" with French comedian/actor Jamel Debbouze ("Amelie Poulain"). The black and white romantic comedy would mark a welcome return to directing for Besson, whose last outing was 1999's "The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc". Since that time, he has been producing extensively through his Europacorp studio, with action titles such as "Michel Vaillant", "Taxi", "Banlieue 13" and the recent "Unleashed" (which he scripted) and "The Transporter", both directed by Louis Leterrier.

"Unleashed" has been called Jet Li's best film so far - a sentiment echoed by the actor himself. When it was released in Japan last June, the film drew in 60,000 viewers over the first weekend, the best French release since "Deux Frères/Two Brothers".

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