Thursday, February 16, 2006

"Fauteuil d'orchestre" interview

Although there is a general feeling that the current French comedies are in fact too French and have a hard time exporting, nothing seems to stop them. "Les bronzés 3" is currently setting box office records in France and Belgium, despite so-so reviews. The latest comedy to be released is "Fauteuil d'orchestre", the story of a country girl (Cecile de France playing it down) who gets a job in a Paris café to be close to the glamour of the theatre world. Directed by Danièle Thompson ("La Boum", "Décalage horaire/Jet Lag") and co-written with actor Christopher Thompson, it opens in France this week (with a première and presentation by the director in Belgium on February 21 at the Flagey centre).

See an interview with the writers (in French) here.

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