Thursday, May 13, 2010

ScriptEast award to be announced at Cannes

The title of the winning script in the ScriptEast award will be announced Wednesday 19th May at 5 p.m. at a ceremony to take place at Plage des Palmes. Since September 2009, the experienced East European authors have been working on screenplays with the help and advice of Creative Advisors (see below).

For the past week, participants have been meeting producers and distributors, as well as having consultations with Heads of Studies. ScripTeasters have also got opportunities to attend the festivals' screenings, conferences and participate in all the festival events as well as meet with experienced sales agents, producers and members of international film industry to name a few: Simon Perry from Irish Film Board, sales agents: Gabor Greiner from The Match Factory, one of the most famous sales company in Europe, and Chris Nightingale from High Point. They also had an important pitching session with David Matamaros from Zentropa.

The advisers were Marc Caro, director of "Delicatessen", Chris Collins, producer of "My summer of love", Licia Eminenti, scrip expert, working for Media Fund, Eurimage and Arte, Robert Jones, producer of "Unusual Suspects" and "Gosford Park", Joelle Levie, long-term director of Quebec division of Telefilm, Canada, Udayan Prasad, director of "Opa!", "Yellow Handkerchief", Jason Resnick, fomer International Sales Director of Universal Pictures and Focus Film, Antonio Saura, producer of "Fados" and "Salome", Antonin Svoboda, producer of "Darwin's Nightmare" and "The Educators", director and scriptwriter. Visit ScriptEast.

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