Sunday, March 25, 2012

Raindance scriptwriting course in Brussels

The Raindance Festival's Elliot Grove will be running his masterclass "Write and Sell the Hot Script" in Brussels on May 3 & 4, 2012. Grove has been running the class for years, and has also produced a good book with the same name (see below). The course is suitable for everyone interested in the entire story process from idea to script to screen.

Day One: The Screenwriting Process
Do you want to write a movie but don't know where to start? Elliot Grove leads you through the bewildering array of story structure and genre theories. Learn how to formulate a realistic plan to write the type of screenplay sought by film script buyers.
  • Create interesting, memorable characters
  • Devise characters that grow in your script   
  • Conflict and tension in a story
  • Building great dialogue
  • The essential building blocks of a script
  • Story structure paradigms
  • Setting the social stage to develop dynamic stories

Day Two: The Business Of Screenwriting
You don't get paid for writing a screenplay. You only get paid when you sell it. This is the money day, when you learn how to write what sells, and how to sell what you write.
  • Playing the Movie Game and winning as a screenwriter
  • Simple, logical and effective marketing
  • How professionals market scripts
  • Getting producers to read your script
  • How to get good coverage.
  • Query letters
  • The three ways scripts are bought and sold
  • How much money can you earn from the sale of your script
  • The Ten Thousand Monkeys Theory for writers explained
  • Getting an agent
  • Realistic career paths
For details, visit Raindance.

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