Friday, March 04, 2005

Monaco to host Forum of Cinema & Literature

For the 4th time, Monaco will host the International Forum of Cinema & Literature between April 1-4. The event acts as an interface between the worlds of cinema and literature, with a literary rights market and screenings of book adaptations. Guests in previous years have included Jean-Jacques Beineix, Sidney Pollack, Mary Higgins Clark, Paulo Coelho, Philippe Geluck and Jim Sheridan.

Films being shown include the special premiere of L'Empire des Loups by Chris Nahon (from the book by Jean Christophe Grangè), starring Jean Reno and Laura Morante, in the presence of the cast and crew. Then there's A Good Woman by Mike Barker, starring Helene Hunt and Scarlett Johansson (based on Oscar Wilde's original work) and The Last Sign by Douglas Law, with Andie MacDowell, Tim Roth and Samuel Le Bihan (from "Un Soleil Trop Tard" by Anne Ray-Wendling).

For more details, check the Forum's website.


viktor said...

Samuel Le Bihan still working? He started his "career" playing an apple (yes) off-off broadway but never would I have thought he'd be cast to grunt in english again.
Ah, Imdb tells me it must be a lousy flick, possibly the lousiest he ever appeared in. Wow.
Does that mean nobody cares what trash they screen as long as it's 'only' a forum about writing?

A-Lyric said...

So come on then, come clean! How much does he owe you? Sheesh, you have to give up playing poker with actors! ;-)

Personally, I'm not familiar with the actor or his films. So I'll just have to go by IMDB's word (again).

Thanks for dropping by.