Monday, May 23, 2005

Cannes 2005: Young film-makers get break

You've probably already heard that the Dardenne brothers picked up their second Palme d'Or for "L'enfant/The Child". If not, check the articles in La Libre Belgique and Bloomberg. The French and British media are passing on the story, preferring to run headlines about "Star Wars" and Jim Jarmusch. Could their noses be out of joint (no British films were in the running, although several films were being shown at Cannes and the Brits remain a significant and very active presence through the UK Film Centre)?

Stepping behind the headlines for a second, Cannes is also a major film market. Several major projects were supporting future film-makers and writers. At one of these, the "Atelier" (workshop), nine out of 18 projects found funding. Budgeted between €700,000 and €1.73 million, the films are: Ulrike von Ribbeck’s "Sooner Or Later" from Germany, Joachim Lafosse’s "Revolte Intime" from Belgium, American Ryan Eslinger’s ""When A Man Falls In The Forest", Leon Ivanga’s "L'Ombre De Liberty" from Gabon, Narinam Turebayev’s "Sunny Day" from Kazakhstan, Som Ock Southiphonh’s "Les Amis" from Laos, Gerardo Naranjo "I'm Gonna Explode" from Mexico, Paraguayan Paz Encina’s "Hamaca Paraguaya" and Serbian Vladimir Perisic’s "The Ordinary People".

The winner of the London Script Consultancy and Panasonic's Big Pitch (featured below) was Brit writer/director Ed Blum.

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