Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Rewind: DVD release for "Totos le héros"

Rightly hailed as a landmark movie, Jaco Van Dormael's 1991 "Toto le héros" set the tone for a series of films in Europe with its quirky, colourful and retro style, the most noted perhaps being Jeunet's "Amélie Poulain" (although viewers of "Dannie Darko" would recognise more than a passing resemblance). Wacky and charming but with a slightly tragic tone, it has been described as "a kids film directed by Lars Von Trier".

After subsequently making the highly-rated "Huitième jour/Eighth Day" in 1996, Van Dormael dropped off the radar. But according to this report in La Libre Belgique (in French), he is working on a 3-hour project called "Mr. Nobody" about "the multitude of lives we could have. Apparently, they would be different. But deep down, they would be the same... Parts will take place on Mars, others in pre-history.... There will be one main character, but lots of decors, scenes and genres". Gulp! Shooting will start in the autumn. The DVD of "Toto le héros" is now available from Amazon France.

Jaco Van Dormael on Amazon FR

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