Monday, December 19, 2005

10,000 visitors and no flowers

I almost missed this: Screenplay Europe has had some 10,000 visits over the past year. Since I started covering screenplay stories from a European perspective, I've had a regular flow of people looking for news items.

For the record, at least 3 people a day come looking specifically for "Banlieue 13", with another few checking Luc Besson stories. So there's your Christmas n° 1 right there. Cedric Klapisch's "Russian Dolls" also scores well. Apart from the French, filmmakers from Eastern Europe generally also score well.

No-one sent flowers, but then I didn't give any to the 10,000th visitor either.

My only major regret is that I can't point to actual downloadable European screenplays for the people that ask fo them. If anyone knows of a good source, please leave a link.


EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

Flowers will shrivel wither
But our thoughts will last forever.
For the memories will linger.


A-Lyric said...

What a sweet thought! Thanks for that.

Nicolas Van Peteghem said...

Félicitations pour ton blog que je consulte régulièrement, même si on a plus vraiment l'occasion de se parler depuis que j'ai quitté les 101.

Si tu as besoin d'aide, je veux bien participer à ton blog en publiant des infos, ou une collaboration du style.

En fait, j'aimerais bien qu'on refasse une réunion comme la dernière fois pour voir où tout le monde en est!

Ca m'attriste un peu d'avoir perdu le contact, je dois dire...

Sinon, encore bravo et bonne continuation ;)