Friday, December 02, 2005

Screenplay Europe in your language

For a site that welcomes script news from across the continent, Screenplay Europe is surprisingly mono-lingual. We have to make a choice. Running even a smallish site like this takes considerable time. If we had to translate every item, we would write less. For a quick translation of our news items, we have added a link on the menu on the right (scroll down).

If you have comments about any of the items, feel free to make them in English, French, Italian or Dutch.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting web:
can I write for SCREENPLAY EUROPE!
If so, how much is the fee paid!

A-Lyric said...

Thanks for the interest! But will you be surprised to learn that Screenplay Europe is not looking for writers at the moment? Specifically as we can't pay anyone. If you know people in the business with screenwriting news, ask them to send a press release to writestuff @

Dan Schaefer said...

I know you answered this question, but since your in Europe, is there any venue(in Europe) for buying or downloading European screenplays? The site here all have the the same classic american films and new films, but are woefull when it comes to European films. What's your take on the European scene? Do production companies keep or destroy extra copies or what? Any info you have could be helpfull.