Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gazette des Scénaristes: new issue

I have been writing here less as I have been writing more elsewhere. I'll be attending Cannes again with two projects in development: "Protag", a dark contemporary thriller for the YouTube generation, and "Tunerz", probably Europe's first movie about the tuning scene. So I'll be posting less as the deadline approaches and the pitches, treatments and cover letters are reworked.

The only news I have now is that the new issue of France's quarterly Gazette des Scénaristes is out. The Gazette is one of the best scriptwriter magazines. This issue looks at the future of scriptwriters (pretty bleak unless some heads are knocked together), has an open letter to "those who develop, finance and show films without scripts" (a blast at the ultra-auteur syndrome that is strangling European cinema) and a very big question: should we write like Americans?

I haven't read that article, but I already know what most people's answers will most likely be in Europe.

The Gazette can be bought by mail at Dixit.


Nicolas Van Peteghem said...

great oneliners about your scripts! I never read something from you since... "Les vénitiens", or something like that, in the first "101 scenarists" mag. It's quite a change!

Also, I never went to Cannes. This years, I have plenty of free time to go. is there something organized with the pals of Version-Finale?

(gee, my english sucks).

A-Lyric said...

Alas, not much is organised. Jacques was/is talking about another Zarbi award (a great idea). I'll see him down there. But not much else is planned that I know of. I have a few meetings with prodcos, and also a drink with a bunch of American film-makers.

A hustle here, a hustle there... Drop a note if you are going.